Trend Management PLtd.

reliable partner for translation and interpretation services from/to 10+ languages



We aim to develop and maintain longterm relations.



We guarantee an exceptional quality of the services we provide and a clients’ satisfaction.



We apply only the best business practices.



We translate thousands words per day due to the various specialized translation tools used by us which allows to us to translate huge volumes within short terms.



We have a reach and deep experience in various areas and our own rich term database created and developed during our work which allows to us to do absolutely correct translation within short terms.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We follow the agreed terms and conditions until the finalization of the order regardless the operational changes that could appear.

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In the beginning of 2013 Trend Management PLtd. was founded with the idea to contribute to the development of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in Bulgaria, especially in the North-West region; to the sustainability of the economy and the employment as well as higher incomes of the population by providing a complex of specialized business services that each company or entrepreneur with potential for development needs.

To provide customized language solutions for successful international projects, deals and business internationalization

The appropriate language communication is very important when you expect negotiations or a realization of a big project or a deal or you aim an expansion abroad.

It is not enough to have an individual from your team who speaks any foreign language. You need a professional translator/interpreter who, except to intermediate the communication either verbal or written, will consult you regarding the cultural, economic, technical specifics and differences, customs, appropriate behaviour, present yourself professionally and to instill trust among the foreign partner.

Our vision is the pursuit to perfectionism

We believe that in the grounds of the perfectionism within our work are the lifelong learning and improving the knowledge in the areas of specialization; enriching the general knowledge; obtaining new knowledge and skills; follow up, advance and work with the latest technologies and software products in the field of the translation and interpretation services as well as follow-up, compliance with and application of the changes related to the language rules which are an integral part of every “live” language.

All mentioned aspects help us to react to the dynamics of the modern world in order to be competitive and to offer exceptional language solutions to assure 100% satisfaction for our clients.

To be trustworthy partner with impeccable reputation

We are Trend Management PLtd. A small company with headquarters in a small town within the economically less developed EU region - North West Bulgaria. But with big ambitions to transcend the national borders and to provide its services all over the world.

Currently, our company works successfully with clients on 5 continents, from 17 different countries to which we provide translation and interpretation services and business consulting services.

During its existence the company established like reliable and trustworthy partner with impeccable reputation. Because we apply an individual approach to each client and we provide customized solutions considering the specific needs and requirement. Because it is important for us our clients to achieve maximal results and because we count on the strategy to win when the client wins.

We contribute to your success

We help to micro, small, medium and big companies to develop, to offer their products and services on new markets around the world and in this way we contribute to the sustainability of the economy and to the employment

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