Yonona Baghdadi

[ Owner, manager and translator ]

About Yonona

Native in Bulgarian. Fluent in English and Spanish, good level of Russian.
She has completed a Language High School, and also has a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and a Master degree in International Finance. Also, she is a sworn translator included in the Register to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria. She started her career in the translation/interpretation field in 1998 when she completed the Language High School and started her first job. Although her job at that moment was not translator nor interpreter she was interpreting and translating the correspondence, offers, contracts, etc. actively and daily.
Since 2007 she started also a business consulting activity. She successfully completed a lot of projects related to internationalization of businesses and access to markets abroad as well as starting and recovering businesses, and management of projects financed under various EU and international programs.
She works mainly with corporate clients from 17 countries, in 5 continents.
Being owner, manager and translator/interpreter in Trend Management PLtd. she believes that any business could be successful only if the individual who created it participates actively in all stages of the activity and has a vision regarding the business from both perspectives - of the workers and employees as well as of the clients who would use the products and services.
The honesty in the relations as well as the trust among the clients also contribute to the success of the business and she builds them stubbornly along her professional path.

Team of professional translators/interpreters

The success of our company is also due to our team of professional translators/interpreters to whom we count on. Our colleagues have completed a philology degree or a language high school in Bulgaria or abroad. They possess also additional qualifications amongst who specialists with engineering, medical, economic and legal degree. Some colleagues are bilingual. It means that they grew up in a bilingual environment and/or one of their parents is a foreigner. Certainly, almost all our colleagues have lived prolonged periods abroad. The rich language environment and the daily communication with natives of the language from/to which they translate/interpret is a guarantee that they are familiar and use the established language rules related to the respective language and provide services with an excellent quality.

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