Official translations/Certification and Legalization

Official translations / Certification and Legalization

It is common various personal and company documents like civil status certificates - birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate for address registration, certificate for names’ identity, etc., diplomas, court decisions, certificates from the Trade, Property and other registers are necessary to be translated and certified by qualified translator, so called sworn translator, in order to be used in front of governmental authorities in Bulgaria or abroad.

There are two types of official translations. There are two different procedures depending on whether a document from abroad will be used in Bulgaria or Bulgarian document will be used abroad.

When a document from abroad will be used in Bulgaria the client presents the original or a notary certified copy of the original, the translator translates the document after that notary certifies his/her signature. In this way the certification is official and the document could be used.

When a Bulgarian document will be used abroad the client presents the original but over it obligatory should be written or a stamped a text “To be used abroad”. In some specific cases could be necessary an Apostille to be attached to the document. The translator translates the document, and when is applicable also the Apostille, after that submit them for certification to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria.


The Apostille is a certification of a document in the country where it was issued. It is a way for legalization of public acts and documents which will be presented abroad. When a document receives an Apostille, it is free from further certifications and/or legalizations in both countries where it was issued as well as in a country-party under the Hague Convention where the document will be presented. It was introduced in Bulgaria on 30th of April 2001 when the country becomes party under the Hague Conventions dated 5th of October 1961. An Apostille is not necessary when a document will be used in a country with signed legal aid agreement with Bulgaria.

The legalization of documents is a process of certification of the authenticity of the document as a form and content, including also through certification of the fact that it was issued by a competent authority within the relevant country, that it has a legal effect and it is valid.

Here you can order an official translation, certification and/or legalization of:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Certificate for address registration
  • Certificate for names’ identity
  • Certificate for inheritors
  • Diploma for primary education
  • Diploma for secondary education
  • Diploma for university education
  • Academic transcript
  • Certificates
  • Standard documents
  • Certificates for qualification
  • Immunization passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Discharge Summary
  • Laboratory tests
  • Contracts
  • Judgments/Court Sentences
  • Other documents


The price calculates based on the source text when the format of the text allows the characters or words to be counted.

The price calculates based on the target text when the format of the text doesn’t allow the characters or words to be counted.

1 page is equal to 1800 characters with spaces (according to the BSS) or is equal to 1500 characters without spaces (according to the EU standards)and each incomplete page is considered as complete.

Dear clients, please, take into consideration that the prices and terms related to the official translations, certifications and legalizations include and are based on the fees and terms of the public notaries and relevant government institutions.