Interpretation services

Interpretation services

The interpretation services include consecutive, simultaneous and chuchotage.
Probably, the consecutive interpreting is the most used form. It is used during business negotiations, everyday meetings, conversations, etc. It is an interpreting service where the interpreter waits the speaker to finish a phrase, expression, part of sentence or entire sentence after that the speaker stops until the interpreter transfer his-her words and they continue in the same order until the conversation/speech finishes.

During the simultaneous interpreting is necessary to count on a team of interpreters and specialized equipment as it is more complicated and labour-intensive. During this type of interpreting the interpreters are separated from the speaker/s and the public and the interpret simultaneously with the speaker. During this type of interpreting it is possible to interpret to multiple languages when the public speaks different languages and the service is used during seminars, conferences, forums and many other events where interpreting is necessary for a lot of the individuals from the public.

The chuchotage is a variation of the simultaneous interpreting when one or a small group from the public need an interpretation. Then the interpreter literally whispers in the ear of the listener the information provided by the speaker to the target language.


The pricing for the interpreting services calculates based on an hourly engagement of the interpreter/s and could include also costs for transportation, accommodation and meals, mission, rent a hall and/or equipment and other depending on the specific needs and requirements of the client.