Professional Translation to Bulgarian: Unique Language Specifications

Published on 12-12-2022

Bulgarian language is known to be one of the most unique and therefore most complicated languages in the world. With its multiple language specifications, it is quite a challenge to take on the task of professional translation if a person has no native background or relevant experience in the field. 

So, if you want to expand your business to the international market and Bulgaria is your destination, you need a professional Bulgarian translator who can provide the highest quality services.

Bulgarian alphabet

The Bulgarian alphabet consists of 30 letters, some of them not common to the other languages with similar literacy. There are only three more countries in the world that use literary variations of Cyrillic to this day.

One more curious fact, the Bulgarian is the third alphabet (after the Latin and Greak) within EU since 2007 when Bulgaria became a member state.

Language authenticity

Bulgarian is the official language of Bulgaria spoken by approximately 9 million people worldwide. Bulgaria has embraced and adopted its Cyrillic variation, unique not only in the Slavic group but worldwide as well.

A common misconception is that Bulgarian is a type of Russian dialect since they have adopted their version of the Cyrillic alphabet. However, that cannot be farther from the truth. Even though most letter symbols in both languages correspond, both are utterly different and unique.

Tense types

Bulgarian translation is not a task to neglect or overlook as the language has nine tenses. The present tense is the easiest to master as it remains constant. Past and future tenses, though, are an object to many rules and formation practices, therefore having several variations.

Dialect specifications

There are two major dialect groups (Eastern and Western) and 40 minor dialect groups in Bulgaria divided by Northern and Southern variations. All the dialect continuums can entirely understand each other with few exceptions. The official literary language is considered to be the Northeastern dialect. It fully corresponds to word-formation, grammar, and syntax rules of the written Bulgarian language.

Cultural appropriation and slang

Just like any other language Bulgarian has its fair share of idioms, phrases and slang expressions that are the core of its cultural differentiation and appropriation. Since a big part of those idioms is untranslatable in the literal sense, a professional Bulgarian translator can land a hand to modify your content and successfully work through the language barriers.

With all those specifications and variables in mind, hiring a professional Bulgarian translation service should be a priority for businesses looking to grow and explore opportunities in Bulgaria. Since most locals are fluent only in their mother tongue, it tends to be harder for new companies to situate themselves without the help of a Bulgarian translator.

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